Group exhibition


October 13, 2019 — January 26, 2020
Draiflessen collection, Mettingen (DE)

The group exhibition Love is on view from October 13, 2019, until January 26, 2020 in the Draiflessen Collection in Mettingen, Germany. As the second exhibition in the Faith, Love, Hope trilogy it takes a look at the concept of love, portraying love as a form of (special) social relationship and commitment. The exhibition presents a selection of modern and contemporary works of art that offer reflection on the potentialities, limits, and contradictions of human connectedness. In the exhibition the seminal work Aimer c’est flageller II (To Love Is to Flagellate II) by Philippe Vandenberg is on view.

Art program

Drawing in Practice

January 20, 2020 — January 24, 2020
Studio Philippe Vandenberg and La Cambre, Brussels (BE)
Philippe Vandenberg drawing dick Pencil paper dog 2000

On the occassion of the exhibition Philippe Vandenberg: Molenbeek that opens in September 2020 in BOZAR, the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation organises the research and workshop program Philippe Vandenberg: Drawing in Practice. During the program students will engage on a theoretical and a practical level with the draughtmanship of Philippe Vandenberg. Through workshops in the vicinity of his work, they are encouraged to question the place their draughtsmanship occupies in their practice as an artist under the supervision of specialist on the work of Vandenberg and artists.

Film festival

Rencontres du film d’art : Kamikaze

January 23, 2020 — November 26, 2020
Rencontres du film d'art, Saint-Gaudens (FR)

Kamikaze is selected for the film festival Rencontres du film d’art in Saint-Gaudens, France. Directed by filmmakers Neel Cockx and Guillaume Vandenberghe, Kamikaze offers a dive into the life of the painter and the abyss of his artistic creation. One long shot glides over his works, belongings, sources of inspiration and memories. Archival footage that is projected on the way brings the painter back to his studio. Kamikaze was produced by Bart Van Langendonck of Savage Films.

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