Group exhibition


September 16, 2018 — December 16, 2018
Pamelekerk, Oudenaarde (BE)

From 16 september to 16 december, 2018, the city of Oudenaarde organises an ambitious exhibition around 17th century painter Adriaen Brouwer. Simultaneously on view in the local Pamele Church is Charivari, a group show bringing together a selection of 30 contemporary artists. Charivari is inspired by the artistic heritage of Brouwer, who left behind an oeuvre that bears witness of a critical, often moralizing but always humorous look at society. In the exhibition Philippe Vandenberg is represented by two works, an untitled comic work from 1989 and a collage on canvas from circa 1996, displaying a big ironic smile.


L’important c’est le kamikaze

November 1, 2018 — November 30, 2018
Molenbeek (BE)

For the exhibition Philippe Vandenberg: Kamikaze at the Hamburger Kunsthalle Guillaume Vandenberghe and Neel Cockx created L’important c’est le kamikaze, a film shot in the artist’s still-existing studio in Molenbeek, Brussels. With a curious eye, they explore an archive consisting of paintings, drawings, personal objects and collections, as well as arrangements of painting utensils. In atmospheric images, supplemented by quotes and original audio and video clips, Vandenberg’s creative process is recounted, while revealing aspects of his personality.

The film will be premiered during the exhibition Philippe Vandenberg: Kamikaze in the Hamburger Kunsthalle and is produced by Savage Film.


Joan Mitchell Foundation launches new workbook

November 1, 2018 — November 30, 2018
Joan Mitchell Foundation, Boston (USA)

The Joan Mitchell Foundation released a new workbook, titled Estate Planning for Visual Artists: A Workbook for Attorneys & Executors. Developed in partnership with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston (A&BC), the workbook includes in-depth sections on legal matters pertaining to intellectual property and copyright as well as estate vehicles, such as wills, trusts, and artist-endowed foundations, among others. The legal details are complemented by perspectives from a diverse group of arts professionals. Serving as a best practice in the workbook, the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation shares information and context on the constellation of entities and relationships that play a role in the legacy-planning process.


Hélène Vandenberghe featured in Let’s Talk Abstract

November 12, 2018 — November 30, 2018
Distanz, Berlin (DE)

Time and again, lay people interested in art and professionals alike stand dumbfounded before abstract paintings. Let’s Talk Abstract attempts to open up the impenetrable veneer of abstract painting and bring it closer to the viewer. To this purpose, editor Carolin Scharpff-Striebich — collector and director of the Scharpff Collection — conducted trenchant discussions with sixteen leading figures in the international art establishment, each of whom selected an abstract painting to comment upon. One of these interviewees is Hélène Vandenberghe, director of the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation, who discusses the emotional and intellectual sensibilities underlying an untitled abstract painting by her father.

Solo exhibition

Philippe Vandenberg. Kamikaze

November 16, 2018 — February 24, 2019
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg (DE)

From 16 November, 2018, until 24 February, 2019, The Hamburger Kunsthalle is showing the most extensive retrospective to date of the work of Philippe Vandenberg, comprising some 80 paintings and over 120 drawings and prints. This is the first show devoted to Vandenberg in Germany, inviting visitors to discover an important artist who may be unfamiliar to them. The title of the exhibition, Kamikaze, describes the artist’s drastic working methods and results, a basic precept of which is that creativity is only possible through the deliberate destruction of what has gone before.  On view is a highly diverse and multifaceted body of paintings and works on paper: early figurative depictions are supplanted by Expressionist renderings, monochromatic pictures and abstract geometric overpaintings follow on the heels of graffiti-like pieces.

The exhibition will subsequently be shown at the Pasquart Kunsthaus in Bienne (Switzerland).


Philippe Vandenberg. Kamikaze

November 16, 2018 — December 16, 2018
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg (DE)

From November 16, 2018, until February 24, 2019, The Hamburger Kunsthalle is showing the most extensive retrospective to date of the work of Philippe Vandenberg, comprising some 80 paintings and over 120 drawings and prints. For the occasion of this exhibition a catalogue is published by Uitgeverij Kannibaal and Walther König Verlag. The comprehensive book is edited by Dr. Brigitte Kölle and Felicity Lunn, and includes essays in German, Dutch and French by Harald Falckenberg, Josephine Karg, Kölle, Lunn, Johannes Muselaers and Marek Wieczoreck.

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