Group exhibition

Unfinished Stories

August 30, 2019 — August 30, 2020
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg (DE)

From 20 August, 2019, until 20 August, 2020, the group exhibition Unfinished Stories will take place in the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany. Unfinished Stories recounts by way of example the history of art from the 1960s up to into the 2000s. It illustrates the simultaneity of the unequal, the synchronicity and overlapping of various styles and movements. Above all, the exhibition relies on the narrative potential of art and its ability to give rise to stories that captivate, enrich, touch, irritate and provoke us – and invite us to share them with others. Next to the work of Franz Erhard Walther, Arthur Köpcke and Felix Gonzalez-Torres, later work by Philippe Vandenberg will be presented that was recently acquired by the Kunsthalle.

Group exhibition


October 13, 2019 — January 26, 2020
Draiflessen collection, Mettingen (DE)

From 13 October, 2019, until 26 January, 2020, the group exhibition Love will take place in the Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen, Germany. As the second exhibition in the Faith, Love, Hope trilogy it takes a look at the concept of love, portraying love as a form of (special) social relationship and commitment. The exhibition presents a selection of modern and contemporary works of art that offer reflection on the potentialities, limits, and contradictions of human connectedness. During the exhibition the seminal work Aimer c’est flageller II (To Love Is to Flagellate II) by Philippe Vandenberg will be on view.

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