Group exhibition


March 22, 2020 — June 21, 2020
Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen (DE)

From 22 March until 21 June, 2020, the group exhibition Hope will take place in the Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen, Germany. As the third exhibition in the Faith, Love, Hope trilogy, it takes a look at the concept of hope. The exhibition brings together expressions of religious and spiritual forms of hope with newer forms of hope that have risen to the fore through the secularization of Europe of the pas two centuries: promises of salvation through technological progress or political ideology. During the exhibition the work Over de berg loopt het spoor (The Track Runs Over the Mountain) by Philippe Vandenberg will be on view.

Film festival

Millenium Festival: Kamikaze

March 27, 2020 — April 4, 2020
BOZAR, Brussels (BE)

Kamikaze is selected for the film festival Millenium in Brussels, Belgium. Directed by filmmakers Neel Cockx and Guillaume Vandenberghe, Kamikaze offers a dive into the life of Philippe Vandenberg and the abyss of his artistic creation. One long shot glides over his works, belongings, sources of inspiration and memories. Archival footage that is projected on the way brings the painter back to his studio. Kamikaze was produced by Bart Van Langendonck of Savage Films.


Drawing as Practice

April 2, 2020 — April 2, 2020
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (BE)
Philippe Vandenberg Lion 1998 Bird Pencil on paper drawing

The conference Drawing as Practice will take place on April 2, 2020 in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, Belgium. The impetus for this conference came from an observation in the studios of the students of the Academy. Students from all domains question the place their draughtsmanship occupies in their practice as an artist, opposing the traditional diochtomy between drawing as an autonomous form of art and drawing as a preparatory tool for artistic investigation. With Drawing as Practice the Academy wants to initiate reflection on the status of the medium within contemporary art. The conference consists of a series of five lectures, followed by a seminar on the draughtsmanship of the Belgian artist Philippe Vandenberg. Drawing in Practice is an initiative of the Department of Drawing of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp and the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation.

Group exhibition

Danser Brut

May 20, 2020 — July 21, 2020
BOZAR, Brussels (BE)
Philippe Vandenberg 2005 2008 word drawing pastel paper let's drink the sea and die dance

From 20 May until 21 July, 2020, the group exhibition Danser Brut will take place in BOZAR in Brussels, Belgium. Danser Brut will attempt to reveal the connection between dance and involuntary or repetitive movements. The exhibition will examine different forms of expression of the body, the face and the hands as a translation of our being-in-the-world. Through an intriguing mix of Art Brut, modern and contemporary art, medical archive documents, film excerpts, etc., the exhibition defies any categorisation. During the exhibition, an ensemble of twelve word-drawings by Philippe Vandenberg will be on view.

Solo exhibition


September 19, 2020 — January 3, 2021
BOZAR, Brussels (BE)

The solo exhibition Philippe Vandenberg: Molenbeek will be on view from September 19, 2020, until January 3, 2020, in BOZAR, Brussels. The exhibition throws light on the years spent in Brussels by Philippe Vandenberg. Until his death in 2009 Vandenberg worked in Molenbeek, where he became deeply conscious of the area’s social realities. In this exhibition curator Barry Rosen explores Vandenberg’s socially engaged art from that period through over 300 works on paper. With drawings, graphic elements and paper sculptures he leads you through the artist’s Molenbeek; an imaginary site in which personal life is caught up in the problems of the big city, world conflicts and history. Molenbeek is the first major Belgian exhibition of Philippe Vandenberg’s radical oeuvre since his death.


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