Scribble, dabble, splatter, smear: Biennale of Painting 8





Between June 26 and October 2, 2022, the group exhibition Biennale of Painting 8 takes place in MDD – Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, mudel and Roger Raveel Museum. For this 8th edition, each museum explores the history of painting in its own way. The museums invited guest curators who shed light on this specific theme and the properties of the medium of painting, connecting it with current themes. Curated by artist Vaast Colson, the exhibition Scribble, dabble, splatter, smear in Museum Roger Raveel questions the intrinsic properties of painting as a visual medium, its technical qualities and its two-dimensional universe filled with signs and motifs. The focus lies on the inherent visual strategies used by the artists based on personal considerations and in response to contemporaries and predecessors. On view during the exhibition is a the painting Now Patience Is Flowering Into Death II by Philippe Vandenberg from 1999.

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Philippe Vandenberg