Discover the oeuvre of Philippe Vandenberg with collected resources on his life and work.

Philippe Vandenberg in his studio in Molenbeek, 2008. © Wouter Cox


Philippe Vandenberg’s oeuvre is characterised by radical breaks and unexpected turns. The trajectory of his artistry reflects the joys and sorrows in both his personal life and the wider world. A biography introduces you to the sources of inspiration behind the oeuvre.

Philippe Vandenberg preparing the solo exhibition Visite in the Museum of Fine Arts of Ghent, 2008. © Wouter Cox


Philippe Vandenberg’s work has an extensive exhibition history that ranges from small-scale student exhibitions to a retrospective exhibition in the Hamburger Kunsthalle. An exhaustive overview of his solo and group exhibitions and a selection of public collections, introduces you to the institutional reception of his oeuvre.

Philippe Vandenberg writing in his studio in Molenbeek, 2008. © Jan Mast


Philippe Vandenberg was an avid reader and wrote extensively on his art, while his oeuvre is the subject of research by scholars and inspires literary authors up to this day. A selection of writings by and about the artist introduces you to the context, key themes and interpretations of his oeuvre.

The artist’s book Philippe Vandenberg: Pelgrims Keel, 2003. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation


Philippe Vandenberg considered artists’ books as being an integral part of his oeuvre and also closely collaborated on exhibition catalogues. In recent years, publications on his art continued to appear regularly. A selection of artist’s books and publications about the artist and a selected bibliography introduce you to the publications about his oeuvre.

Film shoot of the film Een schilder is als Œudipus onderweg (A Painter Is as Œudipus on the Road), 2004. © Julien Vandevelde


Philippe Vandenberg was a cinephile and was inspired by the moving image throughout his career. His own art has been the subject of numerous documentaries, essay films and television broadcast since the eighties. A selection of media with the artist and about the artist introduce you his oeuvre up close.

View of the studio of Philippe Vandenberg in Molenbeek, 2008. © Wouter Cox


Philippe Vandenberg has always received a lot of press attention, whether it was to applaud his work or criticise a new twist in his oeuvre. A selection of press articles introduces you to the critical reception of his oeuvre.

Philippe Vandenberg in his studio in the Hofstraat in Ghent, 1981. © Ip Man


Philippe Vandenberg left behind a wealth of sources about his artistry. They are disclosed as the Archives of Philippe Vandenberg in the Ghent University Library. Memories about the artist were safeguarded by the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation during an oral history project. A selection of sources introduces you to the archives and the oral history project.

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