Learn more about the interns of the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation and their work over the years.

An intern inventorising the work of Philippe Vandenberg in his studio in Molenbeek, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Nina Versporten working in the former studio of Philippe Vandenberg, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

During an internship at the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation you work in a recently emerged area of the art world: the world of estates and foundations, initiatives that manage, research or promote an artist’s legacy. It is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of Philippe Vandenberg.

The tasks of your internship are determined by mutual agreement, depending on your interests and background. The Foundation is open for internships from 1 month onwards, in full-time as well as part-time employment. Your internship can take place in the artist’s studio in Molenbeek or from home.

Former interns

Joachim Calis making an inventory of Philippe Vandenberg’s large drawings. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Joachim Calis (2022)

Voluntary internship

As a master student in Art Sciences and Archaeology and former photography student, my main tasks were the inventory of Philippe Vandenberg’s large scale drawings and condition reporting two sketchbooks for an upcoming exhibition. Throughout the proces in the proximity of his work, I was really immersed by his oeuvre. Even though I am sceptic about art institutes today, the Philippe Vandenberg is a true exception. It is inspiring to see how passionate they are about the art and life of Philippe Vandenberg.

Laure Delannoy. © Laure Delannoy

Laure Delannoy (2022)

Voluntary internship

As a voluntary intern at the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation I was able to quickly learn about Philippe Vandenberg’s oeuvre and his sources of inspiration while getting a unique insight into the workings of the foundation. Helping out with the development of their new website was a unique opportunity to contribute to the preservation of this heritage. On a personal level, it helped me to understand the importance of considering the artist’s complete career and the evolutions he has gone through to interpret his or her works of art. As a volunteer I was able to discover and experience all this and so much more. I am immensely grateful for this wonderful opportunity and would recommend it to anyone!

Rebecca Gheyssens working in the former studio of Philippe Vandenberg, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Rebecca Gheyssens (2021)

Voluntary internship

Recently graduated as an art scientist, an internship at the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation seemed an ideal way to start my working career. During the first summer months of 2021, I registered the collection and worked on the extensive database with great passion. The internship was an instructive as well as a pleasant, during which I was immersed daily in the art world. Because of COVID, I could not immediately find work in the domain of art, but thanks to this internship experience, I know that I do not have to give up hope of working in the sector.

Basile Dekeyser. © Basile Dekeyser

Basile Dekeyser (2021)

Voluntary internship

I am Basile Dekeyser. During a voluntary internship at the Foundation, I worked on the registration of the collection. It involved the check-up of migrated data, the registration of new descriptive data and the implementation of adjustments in the existing description protocol. The internship was a good way to gain extra practical experience in addition to the knowledge and experience gained during my studies in Art Sciences and Archive Studies. Thanks to the good supervision and regular feedback, I sharpened my accuracy and consistency while developing a deeper insight into Philippe Vandenberg’s oeuvre. 

Eleonoor Kenis working on a new presentation in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg in Molenbeek, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Eleonoor Kenis (2021)

Internship in the context of her Master Art Sciences at the KU Leuven, Leuven.

Thanks to my internship, I was able to experience the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation up close. Working within a foundation was an ideal internship experience for me because so many aspects of the art sector come together. My days were therefore very dynamic.

The team behind the foundation is small, which made it possible for me, as an intern, to follow everything from the front row. My internship supervisor, Johannes, was able to help me with all my questions. In the end, I was so fascinated by Philippe Vandenberg’s oeuvre that I am now going to write a thesis about it!

Aaron Mulier. © Aaron Mulier

Aaron Mulier (2021)

Voluntary internship

The internship at the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation helped me to learn more about the more administrative and organizational side of artists’ foundations. As a master’s student in art sciences, it allowed me to broaden my vision by gaining experience within a professional working environment. The skills I gained during my internship currently allow me, among other things, to more competently carry out my internship at Newchild Gallery and my role as project leader in the cultural organization Veduta. 

Sacha Verleyen. © Sacha Verleyen

Sacha Verleyen (2021)

Voluntary internship.

For two months, I did an internship at Philippe Vandenberg Foundation. By contributing to the inventory of his work, I was immersed in his art for a period of time. While the proximity of works thus added to a deeper appreciation of his work, it was satisfying to really contribute to an artist’s afterlife. It is as if his work is given a second life. This makes the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation a crucial place.

Seth Muylle leading a children workshop in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg in Molenbeek, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Seth Muylle (2021)

Internship in the context of his Master of Education at the LUCA School of Arts, Ghent.

My name is Seth Muylle. I am a painter and for some years now I have been fascinated by the work of Philippe Vandenberg. As part of my teacher’s training, I did an educational project at the foundation. Until today, I try to bring the Vandenberg-microbe to the youth in Brussels with passion!

Sofie Frederix conducting research on the exhibition history of Philippe Vandenberg in his studio, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Sofie Frederix (2021)

Internship in the context of her Master Curatorial Studies at KASK, Ghent.

My name is Sofie Frederix. I was an intern at the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation from March to June 2021. My main task was to check the digital database and to complete it by researching the artist’s exhibition history and bibliography. After the internship, I was given the opportunity to be part of a research group, thoroughly studying Philippe Vandenberg’s correspondence, resulting in exhibitions and publications.

Sanne Rous working in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Sanne Rous (2021)

Voluntary intership

In March 2021, I started an internship with the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation. Driven by love and curiosity for Philippe Vandenberg’s work, the title “intern” felt a bit strange. Rather, I was an admirer who helped create order in the endless cupboards of drawings and paintings. For three months, I came by once a week to carefully store the works in boxes and to give them a number that corresponded to the one in the database. It was magical to let all these works pass through my hands in the place where Vandenberg himself had worked. In the afternoon, I drank tea from Philippes yellow teapot and tried to imagine him in this room. As full of energy, passion and despair as the drawings and paintings are, so quiet and concentrated are the children of Philippe and Johannes Muselaers now working to secure his legacy. I found it very special to see how much dedication they put into this work and it was nice to be part of it for a short time. I work as a visual artist and am currently doing an Educational Master in order to eventually combine being an artist with teaching.

Morgan Caluwé demounting crates in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Morgan Caluwé (2021)

Internship in the context of his Bachelor Event Management at VIVES, Kortrijk.

I am currently working for Graydon as a data entry clerk on an interim basis. My internship as a collection assistant gave me a unique view behind the scenes of an art foundation and I had the privilege to take a deep look into the man and artist, Philippe Vandenberg.

Esther Vanoverbeke in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg, 2021. © Esther Vanoverbeke

Esther Vanoverbeke (2021)

Voluntary intership

During my internship at the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation, I helped manage the database and collection. In doing so, I literally came into contact with a large part of Philippe Vandenberg’s oeuvre. My interest in art collections grew even more during this internship. At the moment, I am following a training course in gallery management.

Emma Vandenbempt, Sacha Verleyen and Morgan Caluwé in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg, 2021. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Emma Vandenbempt (2020)

Voluntary intership

It was a very instructive experience in an inspiring environment, literally among the works of art. I learned about databases, the handling of artworks and the daily operation of a foundation. During several job applications, people asked about my time here, so it certainly stands out!

View of the archives infrastructure of the Ghent University Library, 2018.

Laura Bovsòvers-Carette (2020)

Voluntary intership

I was given the task of delving into the Archives of Philippe Vandenberg to retrieve documents on the artist’s political engagement. This specific approach and the many hours I spent in the archives allowed me to get to know Vandenberg’s work in a new way. Today, I still regularly delve into archives as a member of the research group KB45 (Art in Belgium since 1945, Ghent).

Klaartje Van Thuyne (second from the right in the middle row) with art students during the workshop program Drawing in Practice, 2020. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Klaartje Van Thuyne (2019)

Voluntary internship.

During my master year in art sciences at the University of Ghent, I first became acquainted with Philippe Vandenberg’s studio in Molenbeek. After graduating, the foundation offered me an internship. Here, I conducted archive research and helped with the production of the workshop program Drawing in Practice. Shortly thereafter, and partly due to the difficult job search because of the COVID-pandemic, I decided to study a master in Cultural Management at the University of Antwerp. I am  urrently working at Kunsthal Gent. A vibrant and young organization in the heart of Ghent.

Eléa De Winter in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg during Art Brussels, 2019. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Eléa De Winter (2019)

Internship in the context of her Master Art Sciences at the Ghent University.

As an intern, my work mainly consisted in checking and modifying records in the database of the foundation. In addition to that, I repackaged documents (including photographs and correspondence) for their transfer to the archives of Vandenberg and guided visitors around the studio during Art Brussels.

That I was able to study Vandenberg’s oeuvre through research and an internship was of great value for my bachelor and master thesis on the photographic portraits and studio images of the artist. After my graduation in 2021, I reworked part of my thesis together with Prof. Dr. Wouter Davidts into an article for De Witte Raaf and into a presentation for the annual conference of the Association for Art History.

I am currently working as an educational supervisor at the Department of Art, Music and Theatre Sciences at the Ghent University. In addition, I am preparing a PhD project on the interaction between visual arts and urban development in Antwerp between 1980 and 2000 (supervisor Prof. Dr. Wouter Davidts, KB45, UGent and Prof. Dr. Ilja Van Damme, UA).

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