Discover the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation and its activities.

View of the studio of Philippe Vandenberg in Molenbeek, 2015. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation


Philippe Vandenberg’s studio was once a bustling workshop. It has now been converted into a storage and conservation facility. Learn more about the repurposed studio and the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation’s conservation programme.

Students during the workshop week Drawing in Practice in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg in Molenbeek, 2020. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation


Philippe Vandenberg expressed the wish that his art would be surrounded by young people after his dead. It led the foundation to create a comprehensive education program that includes workshops, stimulates student research and offers internships. Learn more about the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation’s education programme.

Jesse Van Winden, Maarten Liefooghe, Merel van Tilburg, Hélène Vandenberghe and John C. Welchman (from left to right) discussing a work of Philippe Vandenberg during a seminar, 2016. © Joke Floreal


Philippe Vandenberg, his oeuvre, practice and life are the object of numerous studies. Research is being facilitated throughout a research program that fosters knowledge, interpretations and collaborations. Learn more about the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation’s research programme and the knowledge, interpretations and collaborations it generates.

View of the duo exhibition Berlinde De Bruyckere & Philippe Vandenberg: Il me faut tout oublier, Maison Rouge, 2014. © Mirjam Devriendt


Philippe Vandenberg keeps on inspiring younger generations of artists and art professionals. They have actively engaged with his work over the past 10 years, partaking in seminars, giving talks and making selections from his work for this website. Learn more about the dialogues facilitated by the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation.

Photographing the works of Philippe Vandenberg in his studio in Molenbeek, 2017. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Catalogue raisonné

The oeuvre of Philippe Vandenberg is extensive and has a wide-ranging provenance, publication and exhibition history. A catalogue raisonné of his paintings is being prepared to receive a complete overview of his painterly output. Learn more about the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation’s catalogue raisonné project.

View of the archives infrastructure of the Ghent University Library, 2018.


Philippe Vandenberg’s oeuvre is wide-ranging in terms of materials, styles and content. From its extensive expertise in the field, the foundation authenticates works of art attributed to Philippe Vandenberg. Learn more about the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation’s authentication programme.

Hélène Vandenberghe presenting the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation during the conference Private Collecting, UBS Arts Forum, Wolfsberg, 2016. © UBS Arts Forum


The Philippe Vandenberg Foundation is a unique collaborative effort between the three children of the artist. By contributing with their story and vision to conferences, publications and articles, they want to inspire other artist legacy caretakers. Learn more about the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation with a selection of resources.

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