Studio view of the workshop of Philippe Vandenberg in Molenbeek, 2015. © Joke Floreal

After moving to Brussels in 2006, Philippe Vandenberg installed his studio in an old factory in Molenbeek. Crammed with artworks and personal possessions, the space was refurbished after his death in 2009. While it mainly serves as the depository for Vandenberg’s works, it is also open to visitors and researchers (by appointment).

A customised structure of closed shelves flanking both sides of the studio now provides secure storage for Vandenberg’s paintings and drawings. As the front panels are designed for display, the structure can also be used to show some of the Foundation’s vast holdings. The original working area — the easel, the arrangement of paintings on the wall and the visual documentation that served as inspiration — has not been touched.

Paying tribute to Vandenberg’s working environment, this setting offers visitors a unique opportunity to appreciate the raw atmosphere of the studio and the artist’s modus operandi. Operating as a small museum, the Foundation warmly welcomes visitors, accommodates scholars and students who are conducting research, and organises seminars that explore the work and practice of Philippe Vandenberg.

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