Learn more about the repurposed studio and the Philippe Vandenberg Foundation’s conservation programme.

View of the studio of Philippe Vandenberg in Molenbeek, 2015. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

The storage systems in the studio of Philippe Vandenberg in Molenbeek, 2017. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

A new purpose

After moving to Brussels in 2006, Philippe Vandenberg installed his studio in an old garage in Molenbeek. Crammed with artworks and personal possessions during his lifetime, the space was converted into a storage and conservation facility after his death. Discover the artist’s work in the unique setting of the repurposed studio, which was adapted by the artist’s son, architect Mo Vandenberghe.

A customised structure of shelves flanking both sides of the studio now provides storage for paintings and drawings. Connected by panels that are designed for display, the structure can also be used to show the Foundation’s vast holdings. The original working area — the easels, the paintings on the wall and sources of inspiration — has not been touched, paying tribute to the original working environment.

Conservators treating works of Philippe Vandenberg in his studio in Molenbeek, 2018. © Philippe Vandenberg Foundation

Conservation programme

To create a suitable depository for his paintings and drawings, the studio was equipped with climate control systems in collaboration with KIK-IRPA (The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage). This protects the artworks from environmental damage. Ongoing technical analysis and regular condition reporting (in association with the conservation courses at La Cambre and Antwerp University) enables the Foundation to assess the risks involved when handling and transporting the artworks.

In addition to these preventive interventions, Philippe Vandenberg’s legacy is actively conserved. In consultation with curator Kaat Sneiders, priority interventions are made to prevent works from further degradation. This task is facilitated by the Foundation’s extensive database.

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