Philippe Vandenberg: Reflections on the Drawings (2012)






About the publication:

Philippe Vandenberg: Reflections on the Drawings was published as a companion to the artist’s book Berlinde De Bruyckere & Philippe Vandenberg: Innocence Is Precisely: Never to Avoid the Worst and the duo exhibition of the same name. The exhibition was held in 2012 in Museum De Pont, Tilburg. The book includes essays by Jan Vanden Berghe, a close friend to Philippe Vandenberg, and art historian Patrick Van Rossem, who supply diverse philosophical and art historical perspectives on his draughtsmanship. Curated by Berlinde De Bruyckere herself, the exhibition confronted 70 works by Philippe Vandenberg with her own work to enhance a dialogue between their oeuvres.

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pijl rechts
Philippe Vandenberg