Philippe Vandenberg: ‘Visite’ (2008)






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Philippe Vandenberg: ‘Visite’ is the catalogue to the solo exhibition of the same name. The exhibition was held in 2008 in the Museum of Fine Arts of Ghent. The catalogue documents the exhibition with photographs of Philippe Vandenberg in his studio and exhibition views of his work juxtaposed with works by Théodore Géricault, Hieronymus Bosch and Gustave Permeke. As a young man, Vandenberg was first immersed in the history of art in the museum. With Visite he revisited the institute, initiating a dialogue between his oeuvre and works from the collection.

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Philippe Vandenberg in Conversation with Bernard Dewulf, Bernard Dewulf
Gesprek met Bernard Dewulf, Bernard Dewulf, Bernard Dewulf

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Philippe Vandenberg