From Private to Public





From February 3, 2022 onwards, the group exhibition From Private to Public: Collection Thomas Neirynck: From sentiment to lyrical expression takes place in FeliXart in Drogenbos, Belgium. This exhibition, with works varying from post-expressionism to various forms of abstract art, takes a look at a collector’s mania that originated and was inspired immediately after the end of the Second World War. The collecting itself, as well as the context and networks in which it took place, is part of the set-up. The subjective choice of the collector Neirynck is placed in its time and assessed according to the values that the collection still has today. It is contextualised from its original totality and from the perspective of the donation to the King Baudouin Foundation and the various accessions the collection has had since then. Philippe Vandenberg is represented by De breuk met het verleden and Say Yes collected by Thomas Neirynck during his lifetime.

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Philippe Vandenberg