Oral History

Researcher Johannes Muselaers interviewing film maker Julien Vandevelde, 2017. © Estate Philippe Vandenberg

Philippe Vandenberg shared his creative vision and process with those living and working around him including family and friends, artists and scholars, collaborators and collectors. The Oral History Project documents the unique and invaluable perspectives into his artistic philosophy and working method these individuals possess.

The Oral History Project is one way that the Foundation preserves the sources on the life and work of Philippe Vandenberg. During interviews undocumented perspectives on Vandenberg’s practice are recorded, preserving the voices of the persons in which Vandenberg was involved. Filmed and transcribed these interviews will complete the written sources about the artist, so researchers and enthusiasts can form a clear picture of the origins of his oeuvre. After all, oral testimonies are multifaceted and provide an intimate insight into historical reality.

The Oral History will be disclosed in The Archives of Philippe Vandenberg, in both written and audiovisual form.  Parts of the filmed interviews will be on view on the website.

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