Drawing in Practice

During Drawing in Practice, the research and workshop program that ran from 20 to 24 January, 2020, students engaged on a theoretical and a practical level with the draughtsmanship of Philippe Vandenberg. Through workshops in the vicinity of his work, they were encouraged to question the place their draughtsmanship occupies in their practice as an artist under the supervision of specialist on the work of Vandenberg and fellow artists.

Drawing in Practice was set up in collaboration with four prominent Belgian art schools: erg – école de recherche graphique (Brussels), La Cambre–École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels (Brussels), Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and KASK–School of Arts (Ghent). The art program was organised in the context of the solo exhibition Philippe Vandenberg: Molenbeek opened in September 2020 in BOZAR.

The lecturers were:

Melanie Deboutte, Director, Roger Raveel Museum, BE
Nico Dockx, Artist, BE
Dr. Carine Fol, Director, CENTRALE, BE
Pélagie Gbaguidi, Artist, BE
Henri Jacobs, Artist and professor, KASK, BE
Emilio López-Menchero, Artist and professor, KASK, BE
Eva Lybeer, Psychoanalyst, BE
Jan Mast, Artist, BE
Johannes Muselaers, Researcher, Philippe Vandenberg Foundation, BE
Xavier Noiret-Thomé, Artist and professor, La Cambre, BE
Dr. Raphaël Pirenne, Art critic and Professor, erg and La Cambre, BE
Raphaël Van Lerberghe, Artist and professor, erg, BE
Niels Van Tomme, Director, Argos, BE
Guillaume Vandenberghe, Director, Philippe Vandenberg Foundation, BE
Hélène Vandenberghe, Director, Philippe Vandenberg Foundation, BE
Mo Vandenberghe, Director, Philippe Vandenberg Foundation, BE
Peter Verhelst, Writer, BE
Ignace Wouters, Artist, BE




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Philippe Vandenberg