Een museum? Neen, een atelier!

“Does an artist work in a museum? No, in a studio.” It is a place we normally never visit. Here, the artist works concentrated, busy painting, sculpting or making films. In his studio in Molenbeek the artist Philippe is absent for a while. He died in 2009.

Each spring, the studio of Philippe Vandenberg opens its doors to children between the ages of 9 and 12. (Class) groups from Brussels discover the painter’s world in workshops. Viewing exercises and creative assignments introduce them to the artist’s profession, sharpen their visual literacy and make them reflect on the role of artists in Molenbeek and in society.

In collaboration with the Academy for Drawing and Visual Arts of Molenbeek and Lasso vzw.

With the support of the Brussels-Capital Region.




pijl rechts
Philippe Vandenberg